1) Starter Package changed to Lv.70 & G70 Armours/Weapons & Free 3rd Job Items.

2) G100 Red/Yellow Armours has been added.

3) Added New NPC for G100 Armours Quest at fort.

4) New Areas have been added, Requires Reborn Ticket G3.

5) New Areas are available to drop G100 Craft Items.

6) Drop List of Bosses around cities is updated.

7) You can trade "Craft Item" Reborn gift from G100 NPC.

8) Reborns now are limited to 50 Reb.

9) Doggebi Cert has been added to Tokens Shop.

10) Imperial Scroll for g100 Dark Relics Weapon has been removed.

11) You can use normal Imperial Scroll on any weapon starting from G95.

12) G100 Donation Dark Relics has been upgraded to G105.

13) Added New Upgrade Items for G100 Dark Relics Armours.

14) New UI transforming your G100 Dark Relics to G105 Armours.

15) Upgrade Items has been added to Black Panther Boss with 25% Success.

16) Spawn of Black Panther boss changed to every 6 hours.

17) G105 Armours is available now at Donation Shop.

18) Upgrade Items of Dark Relics Armours has been added to Donation Shop.

19) Imperial Scroll has been added to Donation Shop.

20) EXP Event collecting items reduced to 5k Insurrection Coins instead of 10k.

1) G95 Weapons has been added to F10 Bosses.

2) G95 Armours is doubled at F10 bosses.

3) Added Imperial Scroll for G95 Weapons.

4) Imperial Scroll can be dropped from Doggebi Lord with 100% Success.

5) Imperial Scroll is added at Shop Coin with 25% Success.

6) Added Imperial Scroll for G100 Dark Relics Weapons.

7) New Boss " Mask of Black Panther " has been added.

8) Spawn location is at fort, time of boss is every 12 hrs.

9) Black Panther is dropping Imperial Scroll for G100 Weapons with 50% Success.

10) Trigrams has been added to the server.

11) Trigrams is available now at Donation Shop.

12) Package of Trigrams has been added to Reward Point Shop.

13) Senior Yin-Yang Mirror has been added to Reward Point Shop.

14) Exp Event NPC has been added at fort.

15) You can open Exp Event from NPC by 4x times daily.

16) G90 Demon Boss HP decreased.

17) Battlefield Rewards changed to Winner: 50x Tokens & Loser: 25x Tokens

1) Starter Package changed to Lv.60 & Grade 60/62 Armours & Weapons.

2) Exp has been increased for new comers [60 ~ 90].

3) G95 Armours droprate has been increased abit.

4) G95 Armours has been added to Tower of Priest.

5) Price of Mirrors for Doggebi Lord decreased to 15k instead of 25k.

6) Reborn System has been increased to more 10 reborns.

7) New Rewards has been added to Reborn System [ 10+ ].

8) PVE Panda Weapons has been added to Donation Shop.

9) New Upgrade Item ( Panda ) has been added for Blood Bone Weapons.

10) Panda UI has been added to Shop Coin Reward by 25% success.

11) Panda UI has been added to Donation Shop by 100% success.

12) Normal Players can upgrade their G2 buff scroll to G3, for more info check Buff Scroll NPC.

13) G3 Donation Buff Scroll upgraded to G4.

14) Blessing Event NPC has been added at fort, for more info check NPC.

1) G90 Armours addded to G90 Demon Boss.

2) G95 Armour & Weapons has been added.

3) F10 System is enabled now.

4) F10 Bosses will drop G95 Parts, one for side parts and other for main parts.

5) D3 F9 has been added to teleport NPC.

6) Mirrors for Doggebi lord is available now from Reward Point Shop.

7) Doggebi Lord will drop G95 Weapons.

8) High Garden Area is reworked now.

9) Dungeon 2 is added as Reborn Area for solo mobs.

10) G95 addded to High Garden & D2 with med rate drops.

11) Battlefield is enabled now, Time: Daily.

12) Battlefield Rewards: Winner Rewards: 30x Tokens & Lossers: 15x Tokens.

13) Voting Rewards changed to 30x Tokens instead of 20x.

14) Soup Eels added to fishing system.

15) Guard Shiny Boss at TOP HP is increased now.

16) Shop Coins is unbounded now.

17) Amount of insurrection coins is increased at bosses.

18) Donator Armours & Weapons stats is upgraded.

19) Castle War will be running with G70 Armours & Weapons.

20) Added New NPC at war location for G70 Armours & Weapons.

21) Added New command " /war " teleports you to war location.

22) MD5 Protection is enabled now.

1) G90 has been increased abit.

2) Added new boss spawning at fort, dropping G90 weaps, accs and orbs.

3) G90 Boss time come every 8 hours.

4) Picture of hell is enabled now.

5) POH rewards is changed to 2k Reward Points & 200 Honor points.

6) G95 Accs & Orbs is available now at Reward Point Shop.

7) EXP is modified & decreased at mutant island.

8) Exp increased at shiny areas.

9) EXP and droprate of g80 is increased at fire island arena.

10) Reborn area has been modified now.

11) Shop limits is fixed, you can open multiple chars now.

12) Added some buffs at Shop Reward Coins.

13) Shop coins is increased to 5x coins per hour instead of 4x.

14) Jewels amount at shop rewards is increased to 25x instead of 20x.

15) Last Stand Man is enabled now, Winner Rewards: 20x Tokens.

16) Duel Tournament is availabe now.

17) Top F9 is disabled now for a short time.

1) Official has been started now.

2) Vote Rewards is changed now to 20x Tokens.

1) Beta Phase has been closed now.

2) We would thank everyone joined our beta phase,It was an amazning time with you during it.

3) We have fixed your issues & bugs that you have reported to us.

4) Our opening date for official is decided and it will be on 21/09/2018 at 20:00 PM GMT.

1) Beta Phase has been started now.

2) You can login successfully, if you register your account.

3) If you have met any problem during beta, report it to Admins.

4) Voting Rewards is 5k DC during beta phase ONLY, you can vote from website script or login    your userpanel account and you will receive them directly at your storage but makesure that    you have made relog.

1) Beta Phase is starting tomorrow at 13:00 PM GMT.

2) Registration is available, you can register your account now.

3) Before beta starting, you will have to download manual patch to login successfully.

4) Manual Patch will be available before 2 hours from beta starting.

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